What is HODL Meaning in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?


Are you looking for HODL Meaning, if Yes, then continue reading until the end. Bitcoin has become very popular in last few years.I started trading on Bitcoin 2 years ago.I have joined many Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, Whatsapp Groups about Cryptocurrency.But I am facing many problems in understanding conversation of other peoples because they are using jargons.I have not heard about these words in my lifetime.

I started searching the meaning of these words in Google.After a lot of searching on Google, I have found the meaning of these words.One of these words is “HODL”.Many peoples who are new to cryptocurrency do not the meaning of HODL in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency terms.If you are one of them who do not know the meaning of HODL word then you must read this article because it will provide the meaning of Hodl term.You can check out Hodl meaning below.You can also check out best Bitcoin exchanges in India.

How “HODL” term created?

The first person who has used term “Hodl” is GameKyuubi.He is a member of Bitcoin Talk Forum.He created a thread in Bitcoin Talk forum in 2013.The title of the thread is “I am Hodling“.By creating this thread, He wants to tell the peoples that He is still holding his Bitcoins despite serious fall that had just happened.After reading this thread, Peoples start using HODL term in Cryptocurrency.You can read the whole thread on Bitcoin Talk forum.

HODL Meaning

HODL Meaning in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Whenever a person uses the Hodl term, They believe that their Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency coin will be profitable one day, If not today.

HODL” – “Hold on for dear life”

This is meaning of Hodl word.If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also know the meaning of jargon like HODL.If you think that this meaning of Hodl word is wrong then comment below.If you want meaning of any other word which is related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency then comment below.We will try to provide meaning as soon as possible.



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